Da Guy loves his cars… his rides… his big boy toys.  Whatever you call them, they are perhaps his favorite things, and much more than transportation.  He likes them best when they are clean and shiny — and something special to look at.  No eating and certainly no smoking, allowed inside.  Having enough umph to get up and go when he presses his foot down on the pedal is mandatory, as is keeping up with the front of the pack — but racing is not.  Other hot shots can be happy in showing their stuff.  Reducing environmental impact and helping eliminate even a drop of US dependence on foreign oil is a continuing and growing concern — even if it takes a few extra cents out of Da Guy’s pocket that can’t otherwise be cost-justified.  Enjoying a luxury ride with all the creature comforts including a great sound system and the latest technologies are a must.  Reliability is paramount, as is great customer service both pre and post sale.

You’ve found the portal to Da Guy’s world with automobiles…  what he has in his garage today, what he’s owned in the past, what’s important to him in a ride these days across brands, sites and places he finds useful, as well as a connection to his ongoing auto detailing hobby.

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There’s a Lot More to Explore

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Da Guy’s Rides Today and in the Past


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More Automobile Stuff

  • shopping-basket-green-with-tire Accessories — a little bit of bling and products to make your ride, your own
  • detailing Auto Detailing — the master article on this subject here on Bert’s Place.  The products Da Guy is using today; Hints & tips; New ride detailing examples; Access to many other detailed articles
  • auto Photo Galleries — access high-res photographs of some of Da Guy’s more recent BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla automobiles
  • car-computer References — Manufacturer-unique links, general automotive sites, and the places Da Guy sources most of his auto detailing and accessories from.  This is effectively Da Guy’s customized bookmarks list for the Net and his automotive life.

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  • car-book Automobiles — all articles related to automobiles on Bert’s Place, most recently updated, first
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